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Our mission is to invent technologies that enrich people’s lives with entertainment and services that inform, educate and elevate.



We understand the power and possibilities of digital technologies. We are shaping a world that uses information and technology to improve lives, move communities forward, and inspire each of us to reach our full potential. We embrace innovation and diversity to inspire excellence. Innovation is our essence. We empower innovators to make their best work and get it introduced to the communities they deserve, we help achievers to reach their goals.

We celebrate diverse cultures and backgrounds by introducing robust internet products which reduce geographical and social barriers that makes a real difference in people’s lives. At HLC we are imagining and creating the world we want to see: An innovative and inclusive world, for our users and communities to enjoy.



Human Lab Corporation (HLC) is a Kolkata (India) based digital media company. HLC has been created by a group of enthusiastic innovators who have come together to create internet products that celebrate the human adventure, with its humour and passion, conflict and connection, and transformative moments of discovery. At HLC we develop cyber applications that Inspire, stimulate the senses and refresh the spirit. We focus on the applications of Artificial Intelligence that change audio visual experience of people dramatically.

We are also exploring the possibilities of collaborating with other technology providers working on various fields. We find that through these positive relationships we are able to build a trusted community of innovators interested in making a difference. Our team of programmers, engineers and audio visual creators draw on their diverse experiences in their respective fields to create projects that connect with users intellectually and emotionally. So working together we create partnerships and experiences that inform, engage and Inspire.

What Are They Say About Us?

Human Lab Corporation provides excellent platforms for digital content creators all over the world. The platforms like Cult Critic, CICFF, VSC, DIFF etc. are really very helpful for creative people to showcase their projects.
John Doe
Content Creator
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